Talking To Patients About Their Dental Benefit Plan – Free Video

Most of the time we make talking to patients about their dental benefit plan much harder than it has to be.  The best place to get the patient’s dental benefit information is directly from the plan provider.  Yet, the overhead involved as well as the inaccuracies that occur in picking up the phone and going […]

Dental Office Discounts

We all pay the price when free is not really free By Tom Limoli Having grown up in a dental family with porcelain and burnout ovens in my early childhood playground I can honestly share with you that I have seen and experienced most all of dentistry for the last 50+ years.  Much of it […]

Introduction to Third Party Dental Reimbursement

Introduction to Third-Party Reimbursement by:  Tom Limoli   In the beginning, there was fee-for-service dentistry. It wasn’t until the late 1960s and early 1970s that contemporary dental insurance came on the scene. In the early days of dental reimbursement, the patient directly paid the entire fee for the completed procedures to the dentist who performed […]